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1 million Father Campaign

Fathers play a very important role in society. They are in many ways the foundation of the family and the society. The state of masculinity in any society actually does depend on the state of the fathers.


  • Model masculinity to their sons and daughters
  • Pass on the baton of masculinity to their sons
  • Call out and bless the woman in a daughter and the man in a son
  • Are a symbol of authority as heads of family
  • As social leaders, they are the creators and stewards of culture
  • They play a big role in providing and protecting the family

The Problem

We seem to have a fatherhood crisis. Our general survey shows that only 2 in every 10 people in Kenya claim to have (or to have had) a good father. The vast majority falls into one of three categories: un-fathered, under-fathered and mis-fathered. Many Kenyans, young and old, have struggled with father wounds due to absent, abusive, passive, bad-behavior and controlling fathers.

We have a huge problem of fatherlessness.

According to statistics across the globe, lack of involved fathers:

  • Increases the risk and likelihood of crime, poverty, suicide, early sex, teen pregnancies, school drop out rates, drug abuse, sexual abuse and behavioral problems.
  • Decreases social stability, the quality of masculinity, children’s psychological health and the appreciation of masculinity.

There are lots of fathers that mean well, and want to do a good job. But many, having had a no or at best a dysfunctional relationship with their dads, feel not equipped to play their role as dads.

The Intervention

We believe that we can make a difference through a concerted, collaborative, national fatherhood initiative. This campaign will be three pronged:

  • National conversation on the state and impact of fatherhood
  • Training of father on the basics of fatherhood, especially the 5 P’s of Present, Protector, Provider, Priest and Prophet.
  • Celebration and affirmation of fathers in their contribution to the nation.

In 3 years, we hope to have a 1 million fathers trained and commit to being involved fathers both at home and in the society. We hope to work with, partner and collaborate with the media, the corporates, non-profits, public and private schools, the church and national and county governments in this initiative.


We hope to create a movement of intentional dads that will continue to positively impact their families and their communities for a long time. We will also have created a positive appreciation for fathering and fatherhood

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