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Sober Sunday- Part 2.

What do women want? In relationships, at work and in life? Are they just complicated or misunderstood?
Join us in our Sober Sunday talk show as we explore these questions.

Following the wonderful discussion we had on Monday, we had promised a follow up meeting this Weekend. Join us this Saturday, 8th May from 8pm - 9:15pm as we get to chat with the general himself live. He will share with us his thoughts and wisdom on masculinity which...

The stubborn Covid 19 persists with it's adverse financial effects. We need wisdom to navigate the rough waters of reduced income, business challenges and financial uncertainty. Join us tonight as we share the reality and the reasonable courses of action for personal,...

Intentional Parenting

Parenting is the only Job that you qualify on the job. We are here as partners in this. As kids come back from school, join us on skills training in 3 part series for guiding and developing your children. Use the link; http://bit.ly/IntentionalParentingSeries to...


EASTER is loaded. Don’t be left out!
Sign up your son through http://bit.ly/EasterBoysFutaa for a BOYS only Football Tournament, happening on Sat 3rd April at Kiota School (Karen Campus) from 8am-4pm.
For more details, see the flier.