Our Mission

To equip the Leader in the Family, Church and Marketplace to impact their area of influence for national transformation through personal change.


Our Vision

Healthy Families, Just Communities

Our Pillars

We focus our initiatives around 3 strategic pillars: Responsible Masculinity, Transformational Leadership & Community Engagement.

Over the past 8 years Transform Nations has been able to impact:




Markets Leaders


Transform Nations is a non-profit organization founded by Simon Mbevi in 2010. Transform Nations was initiated from a desire to see the lives of individuals and communities transformed in Kenya and beyond. From its humble beginnings as Transform Kenya with a staff of just 3 volunteers, Transform Nations has grown tremendously, expanding its vision to Africa and beyond.

We now have presence in 5 nations regionally and internationally. This has culminated in thousands of lives being impacted. We invite individuals to ‘Change their Reality’ by participating in powerful and innovative life changing experiences. We continue to develop content and spearhead initiatives that inspire hope, give direction and motivate change.