“Adam named his wife Eve, because she would become the mother of all the living.” – Genesis 3:20

Motherhood is a full-time job, you must have realized already. The stresses of life – work, friends, enemies (assuming you have managed to make a few), politics, and all other demands on you – could easily squeeze every juice of life out of you. Yet, the basic description of motherhood is ‘to give life.’

How do you give away life when you are struggling to get a breath?

Top on the list; try not to die! Keep alive, your kids need you. But seriously …

“How do I keep alive?” Good question.

One, find good girl friends. You need a friend you can call or hang out with and steam off. You don’t make a good mother when you are all pressured-up. Let it out on your unsuspecting girlfriends – talk to them about whatever is bothering you so that you don’t pass it down to your kids. Makes sense? Piece of advice: your girlfriends can take a lot more off your chest than your husband; because he may just take some of it personally.

Two, create me-time. Life is renewed in the quietness of aloneness. There is too much noise around you – intruding social media, traffic, radio, workmates and all. Create an hour or two weekly to sit in your car or take a walk in the park or close yourself in the bedroom and have your me time. Or go for a massage. On top of the quiet moments, have time for hobbies. Go swim, watch a movie (alone this time), go play golf, take a drive towards Namanga or something. You will not give away the best of you when you have not had time with yourself.

Lastly, detox. Release the dangerous toxins of un-forgiveness, bitterness, hate, sadness and all their relatives. Let it all go. You do yourself a favor when you un-clench your fist and release it to the wind. Bad things and people happen. Holding on to it just nurses its impact on you. The pain you have not dealt with is the pain you pass on. Your kids deserve better. See a shrink if need be. Take it to God in prayer. Whatever you do, you are not a life-giving mother when you are filled with what I call “death” emotions. Clean up so that you can give life.

Next week: 5 Ways of Giving Life to Your Kids.

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Have a life-giving week, won’t you?

Simon Mbevi, Irresistible Mums Forum – TRANSFORM NATIONS