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Simon Mbevi

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Simon Mbevi’s Background
The 7th born in a family of 10 children, Simon Mbevi grew up in rural Kenya with his mother who played one of the key roles in shaping his life. Simon lost his father at the tender of 8, which had a great impact on him because he hardly got to know him. This, together with the suffering he saw others undergo during his childhood years left a mark on his heart that drew him to leadership as he sought to alleviate that suffering.

While in secondary school Simon developed an interest in governance, leadership and poverty alleviation. He took up leadership responsibilities as a prefect and in the Christian Union fellowship, all of which contributed immensely to the leader he is today. During his years in high school, world renowned evangelist, Reinhard Bonke came to Kenya to preach. The passion Bonke exuded, influenced him to live a life that left meaningful impact on the lives of other people; and he thus purposed to make a difference in the world around him.

He later joined the University of Nairobi – law programme and at the University, he had an opportunity to travel to Northern Kenya as well as Tanzania on mission. It was from these trips that his burden for the nations was born. After obtaining his undergraduate degree in law he practised for 18 months but felt a calling to serve God in ministry. He spent about 6 months seeking God for direction and it was during this time that the dream that would become Transform Nations began to take form. He started working with several churches teaching on prayer and later joined a church in Thika, where he served for 2 years as a pastor. His path led him to Nairobi where he joined World Vision, and was involved in providing guidance in leadership, prayer for some of their programmes.
His passion for leadership and desire to be a servant of the people led him to vie for a political seat in 2002; he won the party nomination but was ousted due to the entrenchment of corrupt practices in that day. A story which would continue to fuel his desire for national transformation through value-based leadership.He later joined Nairobi Chapel, which was at the time involved in church planting and together with Muriithi Wanjau and Linda Ochola, Mavuno church was founded, a vibrant ministry to the unchurched whose core mission was to turn ordinary people into fearless influencers of society. While at Mavuno, Simon spearheaded ministries centred on prayer, masculinity and transformational leadership. After the post-election violence he led an initiative called Msafara – Wheels of Hope which toured the country focusing on reconciliatory efforts and prayer during this critical time in the nation’s history.
The Birth of Transform Kenya
In 2010 Simon Mbevi finally ventured out on his own and founded Transform Kenya (now Transform Nations). Initially registered under The Prayer Movement Trust, Transform Kenya, was a faith-based organization which sought to tackle leadership, fatherhood and societal issues. Transform Kenya started with just 3 volunteers and a program known as Boys to Men, which sought to mentor boys into real manhood. With the realization that more needed to be done in terms of addressing critical issues in Africa, especially revolving around masculinity being in crisis, the demand to develop more programs and train people grew.
As a result of this desire, Transform Kenya began to develop programmes on masculinity, leadership and community transformation. These include Man Enough – an 8 week challenge for men that seeks to restore responsible masculinity, Kiongozi Challenge, a community based programme that empowers the public in identifying the true tenets of leadership and electing leaders on a value based platform and Ideal Girl which is a program for teen girls that instils confidence and helps them begin to develop their leadership abilities. Our most recent offering, The Marketplace is a faith based programme that equips leaders in the marketplace to use their platforms to bring change.
Family Life Simon has been married to Sophie Mwende for the past 17 years and they have three wonderful children – daughters -Covenant Mutheu and BeraccahMumo and a son Promise Muuo. He greatly acknowledges his wife for her support over the years, as they have learnt and grown together. In spite of his busy schedule, he is a family man, spends quality time with them on most evenings and has dates with each of his children individually every fortnight. Mbevi also loves to travel, watch action movies, interact with interesting people and read.
Simon Mbevi has authored a number of books; namely Dad is Destiny, Unleash the Man Within, Gideon’s Action, Boys to Men: Turning Boys into Real Men, Ombi, The Market Place, among others.
“The legacy every person should purpose to leave behind is to determine what matters and doing something for the welfare of society to touch the lives of others.”

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