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He taught me what security is, how to shake my loose tooth till the day it falls out. He reminded me to feed the dog and if I didn’t, he would ask, “Do you forget to eat?” He would take me for his nyamachoma plots once in a while and help me find X in my math homework. He made me smile when he attended my sports day or played arm wrestling with me. He taught me what love is by how he treated mum and made her laugh. The jokes he made that weren’t funny but had mum in stitches. He would even let me cut the meat during Friday barbeques. Dad introduced me to Rambo. He told me I was special. He taught me all these. He was my first!

But we also had our bad days; days I would be so mad at him for one thing or another. Nevertheless we wouldn’t stay mad at each other for long. He was my father. My friend, my protector, my hero.

For many of us this was our reality. To others it probably sounds like a far- fetched dream. If you are a father or know of one, Transform Nations’ would like to make this your reality, by helping you become that Super-Dad your kids desire.Shujaa Dad is a 5 week challenge that equips men with skills to be the best dad they can be. Join the 5 week fatherhood challenge and know how to be present and be the provider, protector, priest and prophet in the home. It starts with you, be their first!

Shujaa Dad program launch is on 5th May at All Saints Cathedral at 6p.m. To sign yourself up, a friend or the man in your life up for this amazing program, call Eric +254 724 160 786 or send an email with your details to: