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Am I doing right by him?

It’s amazing to watch the relationship between a mother and son grow! To see her teach him how to tie his shoes, watch him get frustrated with his math homework, teaching him to make his first meal. Time goes so fast and before you know it your little boy is becomes a man. Mothers have such a strong impact on their sons’ lives and determines the sort of men they grow up to be. We’ve heard of the old adage, You can always tell what sort of man a guy is by how he treats his mother. While there is nothing as rewarding as seeing your sons grow into fine young men the journey is fraught with challenges. Let’s face it, though your sweet little boy came from you, he is nothing like you. His energy levels, his attention span, his way of communicating, his personal struggles, the potential traps he may fall into. And every so often like any other mother you find yourself asking, Am I doing right by him?

Transform Nations has a perfect solution for you Mum. Through our 8 week Mothers of Sons program, we are bringing together mothers of sons from all walks of life. Women draw strength from rich and insightful conversations with other women as the Mothers of Son’s program provides the perfect opportunity to share and learn from each other. Guided by the Mothers of Son’s manual, get the chance to explore all the things that your son could tell you if he could. How can you best support your son? What does your little boy fear? How do you harness all that energy and direct it towards meaningful pursuits? How do you do right by your son so that he grows up to be the man that you know he was created to be? If you are a mother of a son or know of one, come and let us learn together and watch our sons grow to be the Godly Men the world yearns for. Season 11 registration is ongoing.  Payment can be made on pay bill 374304. For more information, you may call  +254 792 431309/ +254 733 419670 or send an email to Sign up for the “Irresistible Mum’s Forum” Forum at Citam Valley Road on the 6th of May 2017 from 7:30 am – 10:30 am.