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Thank God It’s Monday!

It’s 5 am in the morning and your alarm clock goes off. “Oh No! Is it Monday already?” It seems like the weekend just whizzed past. If only weekdays moved as fast!” Is this a familiar sentiment? We spend 60-80% of our time at the office and most of this time is spent wishing we were somewhere else. Take a few moments to ask yourself a few hard questions. Are you passionate about your work? Are you living out your purpose at work? Do you always overcome the day-to-day ethical challenges? Do you feel sometimes that there could be more to work than just working from 8am to 5pm? Work tends to be characterized by stress, politics, conflicts, power games, sexism, difficult bosses, pressure to conform, backstabbing colleagues and just the boring routine of work. Are you ready for change? Transform Nations invites you to a 6-week life changing experience where you will learn how to:
    • Get ahead with your integrity intact
    • Use your work as a platform for influence
    • Live a purpose-filled life every day
    • Be exceptional through your skills and abilities
    • Pursue your dreams and achieve your goals in the work place
    • Enjoy every day as if it was a Friday!
The Market Place will set you on the path to success, purpose and impact!

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