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How to Run the world with your Louis Vuitton shoes!

Shoes and women are inseparable! Shoes make us feel empowered and beautiful.     About two weeks ago, I was walking in the streets of Nairobi with one of my girlfriends and lo! and behold I saw them! That heavenly sight of artfully showcased pair of perfectly looking heels across the window shop. My heart races and I am extremely excited and for a few seconds I have already pictured myself wearing them and dreaming of how they would go perfectly with that new peach dress my mother got me for my birthday. I walk in, try them on and they fit perfectly. They’re perfect! I am definitely blown away by the sight of how my feet look gorgeous. I know you know what I am talking about- when I put on those perfectly fitting pretty shoes on my feet and walk in them; I feel wonderful-feminine, flying high powerful and ready to conquer the world!     I wish real life was that way. When I put on the right pair of shoes I feel like I could run the world. The truth is though, when I take them off I’m not so sure. Being a girl is tough, there are so many challenges to face. The good news is we have a solution! Ideal Girl is a program that works with teenage girls and young women that helps them to:
  • Confront Negative Perceptions
  • Develop Self-Confidence
  • Learn Leadership Skills
  • Discover their Purpose
  • Make life-long Connections

Interested in taking part in the program? Kindly contact Mary on +254 720 799 039  or send an email to: for details on how you can be a part of this movement that is taking over the world in Louis Vuitton heels. Check out our blog to learn more about shoes and leadership!