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Sober Sunday- Part 2.

What do women want? In relationships, at work and in life? Are they just complicated or misunderstood?
Join us in our Sober Sunday talk show as we explore these questions.

Sober Sunday- Season finale

What a journey this has been! 23 Episodes of sober conversations on matters relationships, health, parenting, love lost and finances among others. As we conclude Season 1 in this Episode 24, Kanjii, Wahu, Sophia & I will openly share lessons we have learned in our individual journeys of life! Welcome to a relaxed, real and enriching conversation.


Sober Sunday

f you enjoyed part 1, you don’t want to miss this! Did you miss Part 1? You can’t miss this.

The 4 phases of marriage warns you about what to expect and equips you to thrive through the joys and challenges of marriage.
See you on Sober Sunday as we conclude the talks!


Mom Factor

Hello mom.

Did you know that you mother out of who you are? And so of the 6 types of moms.

Which one are you?

Join us on 17th October

Time: 5:30pm-6:45pm
Venue: ZOOM
Host: Simon Mbevi
Cost: Ksh 350
Payable to;
paybill No:374304
A/C No: Your Name/IMF

To sign up, click the link


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Man Enough Online class Battalion 4.

Greetings Sir!

Transform Nations invites you to the launch of the Man Enough Online Program (Battalion 4), on Wednesday 14th October (8:00pm), and/or Saturday 17th October (7:00am) taking place virtually (online) over the Zoom Platform

Join us in this 8 week transformative experience that will help you find a safe environment for real and manly conversations on issues affecting Masculinity.

To register for this season’s classes, kindly fill out the form in the link description below 👇


Once registered, our representative will contact you within the week.

Feel free to contact us on 0780850638 or 0702224377 for inquiries and clarifications.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Kind Regards,
The Man Enough Team!


Seen a well raised up boy? The parents are/were intentional. Sign up through http://bit.ly/ParentingBoyzTalk to join us this Saturday 3rd Oct at 5:30pm as Simon Mbevi[Transform Nations] leads the session on Raising Boys. Contact 0715492682/0781176932.

Intentional Dads

“Fathering is not something perfect men do, but something that perfects the man” Frank Pittman

Use the link; bit.ly/5HabitsofEffectiveDads to join us for for a vibrant, informative and transformational session on Fathering.

*Check the flier for details.